Three Key Tips To Help You Relocate A Baby Grand Piano

When relocating from one house to another, the ultimate goal is to arrive at your new residence with all furniture intact. Some pieces of furniture in the home are more challenging to move than others. For instance, consider the logistics of moving a baby grand piano. This majestic musical instrument is often proudly displayed within the home and provides many hours of entertainment. But, when it is time to move house, the piano becomes a chunky, heavy piece of furniture that needs careful thought before placing on the moving truck. Read More 

Time To Move? Why Hiring A Furniture Removal Service Is The Best Option

If you've planned a move this summer, you're not alone. Many people plan their moves during the summer when the weather is pleasant. If that's the case, now's the time to hire a furniture removal company. You might think that you have a moving situation that doesn't require professional assistance, but that shouldn't stop you from hiring a removal service. Just because you can handle your own move, doesn't mean you need to put yourself through the stress. Read More 

Two tips to follow when removing furniture from an apartment building

The removal of furniture from an apartment building can be tricky. Here are some tips that could help you if you're moving out of your current apartment and need to do this. Disassemble your biggest furniture items even if they'll fit in the lift when it's assembled Most apartment buildings have lifts. If after measuring your furniture, you are confident that you can squeeze even the largest pieces into the lift, then you might not think that there is any need to disassemble these bigger pieces before transporting them in this way. Read More 

Protecting Your Furniture When Moving House

When you move house, making sure all your goods arrive in one piece is crucial. In addition to using a reliable furniture transport service, you need to prepare your items properly. With meticulous preparation, you can make sure your furniture looks fantastic and ready to place in your new property. Declutter in advance Although it is tempting to try and take everything with you, doing so can cause problems. Before beginning to pack your furniture, identify items you no longer need. Read More 

3 Furniture Removal Solutions Experts Offer to Ensure a Stress-Free Moving Process

Shifting to a new place is among the most exciting and refreshing milestones in life. When packing, you should be extra cautious with the way you handle your assets to prevent damage. One thing that you should be extra careful with is your furniture. Failure to do this increases the chances of your furniture getting scratched or breaking, costing you a fortune to repair or replace after you settle. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional furniture removal to guarantee your furniture's safe packing and transportation. Read More