Three Key Tips To Help You Relocate A Baby Grand Piano

When relocating from one house to another, the ultimate goal is to arrive at your new residence with all furniture intact. Some pieces of furniture in the home are more challenging to move than others. For instance, consider the logistics of moving a baby grand piano. This majestic musical instrument is often proudly displayed within the home and provides many hours of entertainment. But, when it is time to move house, the piano becomes a chunky, heavy piece of furniture that needs careful thought before placing on the moving truck. Here are three key tips to help prepare your baby grand before moving day.

Lighten The Load

The first step to moving a baby grand piano is reducing its weight. This type of piano weighs up to 282 kilograms. Even though your removalist has experience moving heavy furniture pieces, lightening the piano's weight means it is less likely to damage other furniture items while in the moving vehicle. There are several steps you can take to make your piano lighter. These include:

  • remove the musical rack
  • remove the legs
  • remove the lid

All of these piano components are attached to the instrument with screws. Remove each piece using a screwdriver. To remove the piano legs, you must lie the piano on its side. If you do not have a second person to help you with this task, ask your removalist to do it on moving day. Make sure you safely store any screws you remove so that you can reassemble the piano in your new home.

Protect The Rest

After dismantling the piano, consider protecting it from damage during transit. If you do not already own one, purchase a piano moving cover. A thickly padded moving cover protects the piano from scratches during moving. The cover has carrying handles to help lift the piano on and off the furniture dolly. If you cannot find a moving cover, let your removalists know in advance that a piano is amongst your belongings. The removalist will provide plenty of furniture blankets to drape over the piano. The blankets are secured using straps, so the piano exterior is protected from potential damage.

Moving Day

The piano is one of the first items loaded into the truck on moving day. The reason for this is because of its weight and its shape. By loading the piano onto the truck first, other items can be Tetris packed around it. Also, because the piano is one of the first items loaded, make sure there is a clear, unobstructed path to it. Your removalist then efficiently gets the piano out of the house and onto its journey to your new home.

For more information on furniture removals, contact a professional near you.