Handy Tips For Protecting Your Items In Self Storage

24 hour self storage units can be an absolute lifesaver whether you are looking to de-clutter your home or perhaps are moving house and need an inexpensive option to store away extra items. However, if you would like your belongings to stay in good condition, it is not simply about renting out the space and shoving your items there. Here are some handy tips to keeping your items in 24 hour self storage that will ensure they remain in great condition. Read More 

4 Ideal Steps to Prepare Your White Sofa for Storage

There's nothing more gorgeous in your living room than an elegant white sofa embroidering the look of your entire home with its simple style and spectacular façade. But what happens when you decide to take a year off to go sightseeing around the world? Self storage is an excellent way to keep your furniture safe when you're not using it—provided you prepare and pack it properly, so that it retains its shape and finish when you're ready to use it again. Read More 

3 Tips Towards a Cheaper Interstate Move

You may be searching for better opportunities, you got a job transfer, or maybe you're just sick of your neighbourhood. Whatever the reason is, you are probably aware that there are a million and one ways to move. And just like everything else under the sun, some ways are cheaper than others. So if you're moving and want to respect your tight budget, here are some expert tips to help you do just that. Read More 

Planning To Move House Like A Pro

Moving home can be a stressful time, but making a plan can make it less stressful and make it run much more quickly. Here are some tricks to make it all go smoothly. Source your packing supplies Organise a collection of boxes, packing tape, bubble wraps for delicates and heavy black markers. It is best to source new boxes, as old boxes that have been sitting in someone's shed can be weakened and break open at inopportune times, and cheaper tape can also split under pressure. Read More 

3 Surprising Advantages of Off-site Vehicle Storage

If you own an expensive sports car or vintage car that you only drive on the weekends or on special occasions, you may want to explore the option of off-site vehicle storage. This type of storage facility can offer you some great advantages, even if you have a garage at home with room for the car itself. Note a few of those advantages here. 1. Off-site storage facilities can be climate-controlled Read More