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4 Ideas Guaranteed To Keep Your Removal Cheap

Removals are expensive, especially if you need to transfer your furniture interstate. It is no wonder then that lots of people planning to move are looking for a cheap removalist. If you’re sailing in the same boat and don’t want to break bank on your removal, you’ve come to the right place. Below, get 4 great ideas on how you can keep your removal cheap without compromising on quality service. Hire a removalist during off-peak hours In the transport industry, there are peak hours and off-peak hours. During the peak hours, there are lots of cars on the road and traffic jams everywhere. If you move during this time, your removalist will spend more hours on the road and will have to charge you more for transport. All this racks your bill higher. To keep your removal costs low, hire a removalist during off-peak hours. That is, during the least busy periods of the day. The removalist will spend less time on the road and therefore charge you less. Do the packing yourself Packing is one of the unavoidable processes in a removal. Most people tend to leave this responsibility to the removalists because they either don’t want to do it themselves or because the removalist will do it better. Either way, if you leave the packing to the removalist, they will have to charge you for it. Instead, do your own packing beforehand and save money. Help with the heavy lifting or get some friends to assist Packing aside, part of a removal’s costs emanate from the labour required to carry your furniture. The good news is that... read more

Choosing a Self Storage Facility for Boats

If you’re short on space or want a secure way to store your boat, a self storage facility may have the answer. Storage companies that accept vehicles are an alternative to dry storage, giving you easy access to your boat when you want to use it. Before choosing a facility, make sure that your boat will be secure and accessible by running through a site checklist. Where Is the Self Storage Site? Not all self storage companies have the space to store boats or vehicles, so you may not be able to find a local company that offers the service. If you’re storing the boat over winter, you may not mind a longer drive to pick it up and get it to the water when the weather gets warmer. However, if you want to store the boat in self storage permanently, you may get tired of having to make a long drive every time you want to use it. What Are the Available Storage Options? Not all self storage companies offer the same storage options for boats. For example, some simply reserve open yard space for vehicles; others provide covered or indoor options. To protect your boat from the elements and to get more security, avoid outdoor storage that doesn’t offer any protection and look for a site with an indoor garage or warehouse. For a more secure option, it’s worth investigating sites that allow you to store your boat in an individual locked space that only you can access. When Can You Access Your Boat? Access hours may vary on self storage sites. Some companies have 24/7 access,... read more

Removals With Toddlers: Safety Tips for Parents Planning a Move

Completing any household project when you have toddlers underfoot can be challenging, and moving can be especially hard. If you are a parent of a toddler planning a move anytime soon, check out these tips. They will help keep your little one safe during the process: 1. Do not stack moving boxes more than two high As you are packing your items in anticipation of your move, do not make large, unwieldy piles of boxes. Curious toddlers may be tempted to climb these mounds of boxes, and they risk falling or pulling heavy boxes on top of them. Minimise these risks by only stacking large boxes two high. To make sure these relatively short stacks of boxes stay stable, consider buying boxes from a removalist company. That ensures the boxes are sturdy and uniform rather than falling apart and featuring mismatched, hard-to-stack sizes. 2. Keep an eye on empty, unanchored furniture If you have any flat pack furniture that is anchored to the wall, keep in mind the risk it poses when you unanchor it. Unanchored, this type of furniture frequently falls on toddlers. Additionally, bookcases, armoires or other large pieces you have may become less stable as you empty those items and pack their contents. Reduce risks to your toddlers by waiting until just before you load the truck to unanchor these items, or as you unanchor furniture, move it all to the garage or another area your toddler cannot access. 3. Restrict toddlers to one room on moving day Whether you are moving boxes yourself or paying removalists to do it. it isn’t safe for toddlers to... read more

Tips for Using Self-Storage Units for Long-Term Space

It’s not unusual for people to use a self-storage unit when they’re moving, as this can help them to pack up boxes and get them out of the way before the day of their move. However, a self-storage unit can be a very good option when you need long-term space, such as for those who work from home and need to keep tools and other equipment out of the house, or for when you’ve downsized and don’t have space for everything you own. While a self-storage unit can be used for a variety of items, you don’t want to just toss things into the unit without any thought as to how they’re packed. Note a few tips for keeping your items safe and maximizing the space in such a unit. 1. Wrap valuable items with the right materials Note that standard tissue paper can stain clothing and artwork when used for long-term storage. Acid-free paper is used by professionals when it comes to wrapping a wedding dress, portraits and the like. Storing metal items in a metal tub can mean corrosion on both. Plastic is a better choice for anything metal, and you want to ensure plastic bins are airtight so you avoid rust. No matter what you’re packing and storing that is of value, do some research on the best way to wrap it. Invest in the right materials for long-term storage to protect those items. 2. Disassemble where possible If possible, remove desk, table and chair legs before storing these. This will not only open up space in your unit, but it is also less likely that... read more

5 Ideas on How to Use Your Old Moving Boxes to Help You Settle into Your New Place

Moving into a new home is exciting but also challenging and stressful. If you are surrounded by mounds of old moving boxes, you can eliminate those piles of waste and use your boxes to help you get comfortable in your new home. Looking for some great uses for moving boxes? Here are five uses that will help settling in to your new home go more smoothly: 1. Distract the kids while you unpack Your kids have patiently (or not so patiently) suffered through your move alongside of you. Now, it’s time to give them a break and let them play. Cardboard boxes are ideal for this purpose. Give your kids markers and let them make a giant mural, or give them tape to make a cardboard house or a make believe airplane. Best of all, this project can distract your little ones as you unpack the rest of your moving boxes. 2. Help your cat to acclimate It’s not just kids who love boxes—cats do as well. If your cat is anxious about your new home, give him a box to hide in. Just cut a couple of holes, and your cat will love the calming retreat. 3. Get your garden started Moving into a new home is the perfect time to start new hobbies. If you want to start a garden in your new yard, grab your moving boxes and use them to line the base of your garden. Place the cardboard boxes on the ground or on the bottom of raised beds and cover them with fertile soil. They will create a barrier for weeds, and over... read more

Simple But Important Tips for Packing During Your Next Move

When you’re ready to change residences, you want to ensure you take plenty of time to pack items properly and securely. It may be easy to think that you can just toss everything you own into boxes you get from the supermarket or a nearby liquor store, but this can mean having many of your items ruined during the move, and it can make moving more stressful overall. Note a few simple but important tips when it comes to packing for your next move. 1. Invest in the right materials Boxes from a supermarket or liquor store may look roomy, but often they are not secure enough to hold items you’ll be moving. The boxes used by suppliers for these stores are often as thin as they can make them, since thicker cardboard may cost more money. If a box is only meant to hold a few heads of lettuce, it’s probably not going to hold your collection of CDs or books! Invest in actual moving boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other materials that are meant for a move so you know everything stays secure. For a better idea of where to get all these materials, you can contact companies like Absolute Packaging Solutions. 2. Start early As soon as you know you’re going to move, it’s time to start packing. You can then take your time to go through your items and dispose of things you no longer need, or make a stack of items you might donate. Then, for items you will take to your new home, you have time to actually wrap and pack them... read more

How to Use a Storage Unit as a Wine or Beer Cellar

Whether you’re preparing for a big event such as a wedding, running a catering business or just collecting your favourite beer and wine, all those bottles can take up a lot of space in your home—and not everyone is lucky enough to live somewhere with a wine cellar. A self-storage unit can be an excellent temporary or long-term place to store your beer or wine, but you need to make sure that it has the right storage conditions first.  Dedicated wine storage Some storage companies offer units specifically intended as wine cellars. These climate-controlled storage units will keep bottles in the ideal conditions to preserve and age them. However, just because a storage centre doesn’t offer a wine cellar doesn’t mean you can’t make use of it; similarly, if you just want to use part of a storage unit you use for other purposes as well, you should be fine. You just need to make sure it meets certain conditions.  Light Both wine and beer suffer when exposed to light; dark bottles block out some of the sun’s harmful rays, but even so sunlight can “skunk” beer and cause wine to lose some of its flavour. Ultraviolet rays can also damage labels, which matters if you’re trying to resell your bottles or even if you just want them to look good when you serve them. Choose a unit with no natural light or one where you can cover up your stored bottles.  Temperature Wine and beer lovers worry a lot about storage temperatures; for wine, the ideal temperature is around 11-14 degrees Celsius. Beer benefits from roughly the same... read more

4 Types of Equipment that Will Help You Move Furniture

You don’t have to earn a living from moving furniture to benefit from having the right equipment for doing the job. Even if you only move your furniture (and house) once, you can easily injure yourself due to the weight of the objects involved. It makes sense to have the correct equipment however many times you end up moving heavy furniture around. This article looks at some essential equipment to have when relocating furniture. Three-wheeled Dolly A three-wheeled dolly is triangular in shape, with the wheels positioned at the points of the triangle. There is a depth to the triangle that means objects such as lamps, pictures and small tables can be positioned into the triangle for support and wheeled about. In fact, as long as you can safely fit an end or part in the dolly and support it as you wheel it, the dolly will allow you to transport many items. The Four-wheeled Dolly Most people can picture a four-wheeled dolly, but people who don’t use them when moving furniture are missing out on a great piece of equipment. Four-wheeled dollies will support and move heavy and awkward items, such as pianos and sofas that have no wheels on them. If you are moving any heavy furniture at all, you should have this dolly with you. Manual Furniture Movers Although this type of equipment can be a little expensive, weighed up against the risk of an injury, it is probably money well spent. This device can be placed with either end at the sides of a sofa. A manual mechanism allows the machine to life the sofa,... read more

Handy Tips For Protecting Your Items In Self Storage

24 hour self storage units can be an absolute lifesaver whether you are looking to de-clutter your home or perhaps are moving house and need an inexpensive option to store away extra items. However, if you would like your belongings to stay in good condition, it is not simply about renting out the space and shoving your items there. Here are some handy tips to keeping your items in 24 hour self storage that will ensure they remain in great condition. Storing furniture For most people, it is common knowledge to wrap furniture before putting it in 24 hour self storage. This prevents accumulation of dust on the furniture and also protects it from nicks and scratches when being transferred into the storage space. However, this is not all you can do to ensure furniture stays in tiptop condition for either resale or reuse. To start, wipe down all the surfaces with a solution of gentle detergent and water. This will get rid of any dirt that may otherwise get wrapped in together with the furniture. Secondly, consider applying a coat of varnish to the cleaned wooden items. This should be done a day before to give the varnish sufficient time to dry before the furniture is wrapped ready for storage. Lastly, any items that can be disassembled should be taken apart. This will help you save a lot of storage space. Use masking tape A common complaint for most people who have to move their things into 24 hour self storage is breakage. Although you could insure your items, this is an expensive way of ensuring they stay... read more

4 Ideal Steps to Prepare Your White Sofa for Storage

There’s nothing more gorgeous in your living room than an elegant white sofa embroidering the look of your entire home with its simple style and spectacular façade. But what happens when you decide to take a year off to go sightseeing around the world? Self storage is an excellent way to keep your furniture safe when you’re not using it—provided you prepare and pack it properly, so that it retains its shape and finish when you’re ready to use it again. Here are some ideal steps to prepare your majestic white sofa for secure self storage. Clean Thoroughly Proper preparation is the key to ensuring that your white sofa remains spotless during its time in storage. A white fabric sofa should be cleaned as properly as possible to prevent mould, mildew and stains from setting in during storage. Ideally, you may want to get it professionally cleaned to remove any possible stains before placing it in the storage unit. Alternatively, wipe down the sofa with antimicrobial fabric cleaner that’s used specially for sofa material and let it dry completely. Polish any metal or wooden sofa parts to keep them in the best possible condition during storage. Cleaning ensures that there isn’t any residual germs that could damage your sofa while it is placed in storage. Remove All Detachable Items Remove all detachable metal or wooden legs and arms and place them in a cardboard box. If there is a chance that the box will get moved around in the self storage unit, it’s best to wrap each item individually in bubble wrap before placing them in the box. Place... read more

Being the best removalist

Being a removalist isn’t an easy job, it’s lot of hard physical work and organising. I love being a removalist because I get to meet new people all the time and have to solve new challenges with each job. There is never a dull day that’s for sure. Over the years I’ve spent in the moving business I have picked up all sorts of ways you can make moving easier, including how to unpack at the other end. I’ve started keeping them together on this site as I know most people only move a few times in their life, and could benefit from all my experience.