Two tips to follow when removing furniture from an apartment building

The removal of furniture from an apartment building can be tricky. Here are some tips that could help you if you're moving out of your current apartment and need to do this.

Disassemble your biggest furniture items even if they'll fit in the lift when it's assembled

Most apartment buildings have lifts. If after measuring your furniture, you are confident that you can squeeze even the largest pieces into the lift, then you might not think that there is any need to disassemble these bigger pieces before transporting them in this way.

However, it would still be best to disassemble these pieces beforehand, as this could prevent several issues. For example, if you try to transport a very heavy, large furniture item in the lift, then it might not be safe for your furniture removalists to go into it at the same time as their weight, in combination with the furniture's weight, might overload the lift. This might result in you having to send the furniture down the lift on its own, which could then lead to it falling towards the lift's walls or its mirror and damaging these areas of the lift or getting damaged itself.

Similarly, if after putting a big furniture item in the lift, there is only room for a couple of people, then your neighbours within the building who may also need to use this lift might have to wait until you and the removalists have finished transporting this furniture to the ground floor and lugging it out of the lift before they can begin their descent. If you have several larger pieces of furniture, then you could end up delaying many of your neighbours over the course of the day.

In contrast, if you disassemble the bigger items and only take a few of their components into the lift at a time, there will be plenty of space for you, the furniture removalists, and your neighbours and you'll be less likely to damage the components as you'll be able to travel in the lift with them and hold onto them.

Tell your neighbours about your furniture removal plans

It might also be worth telling your neighbours about your furniture removal plans, either by text or by slipping a note through their doors. Letting them know that, for example, your removalists will be transporting your sofa down the building's communal stairs at a specific time will mean your neighbours will know not to go up or down these stairs at that time.

Likewise, if they're aware that you're transporting furniture via the building's lift, they'll know to stay a few steps back from the lift when waiting for its doors to open on your moving day so that they don't get in your way when you're emerging from it with bulky furniture and so that they don't get struck by a furniture component that you're carrying out of the lift.

Reach out to a furniture removal professional for more information.