Protecting Your Furniture When Moving House

When you move house, making sure all your goods arrive in one piece is crucial. In addition to using a reliable furniture transport service, you need to prepare your items properly. With meticulous preparation, you can make sure your furniture looks fantastic and ready to place in your new property.

Declutter in advance

Although it is tempting to try and take everything with you, doing so can cause problems. Before beginning to pack your furniture, identify items you no longer need. The fewer items you have, the less cluttered your removal van will be. As a result, you can reduce the risk of unnecessary breakages.

Dismantle everything you can

While dismantling furniture means there's work to do at your new property, it also goes a long way toward protecting it. Failing to dismantle furniture means that slightly unstable structures could bend or snap. Items are also more prone to scratching, as you'll have a harder time wrapping them up. If you do dismantle your furniture, make sure you carefully package and label any supporting structures such as screws. If possible, try to locate relevant furniture building instructions.

Shrinkwrap your drawers

Although it's wise to dismantle certain items, you may find that drawers should remain in their chests. If you choose to do this, make sure you shrink wrap them in place so they don't fall out. You should take the same approach to wardrobes too. Secure any shrink-wrapped items using specialist packing tape. Depending on the fragility of the item or its primary material, you may also want to wrap it in a blanket.

Pile on the blankets

Even with the best will in the world, scratches can and will affect your furniture if you don't try to protect against them. Wrapping your furniture neatly in blankets significantly reduces the risk of scratches. Although specialist coverings are available, there's no harm in saving money by trying old blankets you no longer use. For an extra layer of protection, try placing old socks around the legs of tables, chairs, and other such items.

Place cardboard on your glass

Adding corrugated cardboard to glass structures can pay dividends when it comes to reducing breakages. They add an unbeatable layer of cushioning and work especially well alongside blankets. You may also want to use corrugated cardboard to protect against any non-glass corners or edges that are delicate. If you need to fasten the cardboard in place, make sure you use specialist packing tape.

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