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Book Lovers: 4 Critical Tips on Storing Your Books Safely

There comes a time in every book lover's life when they have to put their books in storage. If your collection has become too unwieldy to fit in your home, if you've decided to move abroad for a few months, if you are in between homes or if you have to store your books for any other reason, keep reading. Here are four tips to make the most of your book storage. Read More 

4 Tips Office Managers Need for Using Furniture Removalists

There are times when offices need to expand and move to new locations. Arranging the move generally falls on you if you are the office manager. This means not only arranging the scheduling for the move, but it also means dealing with the furniture removalists. If you are new to this type of move, here are four tips that can make your life as the office manager easier. Remove Personal Items Read More