3 Surprising Advantages of Off-site Vehicle Storage

If you own an expensive sports car or vintage car that you only drive on the weekends or on special occasions, you may want to explore the option of off-site vehicle storage. This type of storage facility can offer you some great advantages, even if you have a garage at home with room for the car itself. Note a few of those advantages here.

1. Off-site storage facilities can be climate-controlled

Having your car stored in a climate-controlled facility can be the best choice for preserving the leather and vinyl inside, as these materials easily crack under extreme heat or cold. Cold weather also wears down the battery of a car, and if you don't run it every day, the alternator has no chance of recharging it. Trying to start your car with a dead battery puts added wear and tear on the starter and other parts so that they break down sooner.

For exotic vehicles and sports cars with expensive leather trim and for those that you only drive on occasion, a climate-controlled facility can help guarantee a longer life. This will also keep it looking good and in good working order.

2. Off-site facilities offer more security for your car

You may be hesitant about securing your vehicle in an off-site storage facility because you like the idea of it being in a place where you can keep watch over it, but note that storage facilities usually offer security features that your home does not. This may include 24-hour video monitoring, a security guard, a locked gate to the facility and other such measures. To really keep your car secure, you want to think about keeping it in a facility that offers more protection than just a lock on a garage door, such as you may have at home.

3. There is less risk of damage to your car in an off-site facility

Even if you keep your car covered, consider the risk of damage that can be done in your own garage. One child's bike that falls away from the wall can cause a deep scratch, and one spill of paint or oil in the garage can also mean damage to the finish. Getting these repaired on a sports car or exotic car is often more expensive than repairs done to your family's sedan and may decrease its overall value even if repaired. To keep your car as safe as possible, invest in an off-site vehicle storage facility that offers security and protection you cannot offer at home.

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