3 Tips Towards a Cheaper Interstate Move

You may be searching for better opportunities, you got a job transfer, or maybe you're just sick of your neighbourhood. Whatever the reason is, you are probably aware that there are a million and one ways to move. And just like everything else under the sun, some ways are cheaper than others. So if you're moving and want to respect your tight budget, here are some expert tips to help you do just that.

Optimise your transport means

You've got a wide array of options when moving and here's where you can save your cash. Decide how you want to move your things based on how far you're travelling or how much stuff you're taking with you.

You can use rental trucks and if you've got a lot of furniture, then this will be your cheapest option. However, get rental trucks that have an established reputation, otherwise you risk encountering accidents and damage to your property.

If you're moving light, then hiring removalists would squeeze a lot from your pockets. Consider shipping your stuff, it is way more affordable. You could also use a train or bus if you don't have the heavy furniture and electronics.

Avoid moving in the summers

The summers are the busiest times for moving companies. You won't have any bargaining power over them and their rates are going to be spiked. Try scheduling your move in the late fall to late spring and it is during these times that moving companies offer special deals and discounts. Special promotions are a game changer, you can get a really huge bonus when you get one of these.

Make companies fight for you

When using a removalist company, try and introduce a healthy competition between them. Tell them that you're seriously interested in their services, but company B offers the same services for a better price. That's a powerful statement that will have the company think things through. They might fight for your service and offer a more competitive prices that is more advantageous to you.

There are also sites that you can use to fill out a moving form and the companies would be able to see your proposal and compete for it.

The best thing you can do is plan in advance about your move. Think of a place to crash, get any special quotes and figure out how your stuff is going to be moved. For more tips, consult with resources like Price's Removals.