Planning To Move House Like A Pro

Moving home can be a stressful time, but making a plan can make it less stressful and make it run much more quickly. Here are some tricks to make it all go smoothly.

Source your packing supplies

Organise a collection of boxes, packing tape, bubble wraps for delicates and heavy black markers. It is best to source new boxes, as old boxes that have been sitting in someone's shed can be weakened and break open at inopportune times, and cheaper tape can also split under pressure. Many moving supplies companies sell packing supplies for a reasonable price. 

You can also get a selection of boxes, including an upright clothing chest that can be used to transport hanging clothing such as suits and formal dresses without creasing.

Don't pack too far out

You may find if you start packing weeks and weeks before your move that you end up needing items that you've already packed and have to unpack some boxes. There is no point in spending extra time packing and then unpacking, so set aside a few days straight before the move to pack your house all at once.

Pack to a plan

Pack each room in turn and clearly mark each box with its intended new room. Again, it's best to have new boxes as preused boxes can often be marked with the rooms that the previous movers have allocated for each box. Pack your boxes sensibly so that your movers can lift them easily - try filling the top levels of book boxes with towels and linens to balance your loads.

Have a set of boxes that are "first night necessaries" where you pack your bedding, toothbrushes, a towel, a kettle, toaster and basic cutlery so that if you run out of time on the moving day you can have a shower and get to bed by only unpacking one box.

Collect a crew

Organise 4-6 people to help you move. Often getting professional movers into help you move the heaviest items is a good idea, especially if your friends and family are less super-hero style strong men and more traditional desk jockeys. No one will appreciate throwing their back trying to get your fridge up a set of stairs.

Make sure to shoot your moving crew a round of pizza and drinks after the big move, and promise them it will be a while before you ask them to do it again.