Top Tips When Choosing a Self Storage Unit

Self-storage units are an ideal option for people that require extra storage space to store household items and office furniture. Choosing a storage unit could seem like an easy task. However, slight miscalculations could lead to loses or product damage. Read this guide for some tips on how to choose a self-storage unit. 

Types of Self Storage

Most people will opt to hire a storage unit in a self-storage facility. The primary benefit of these units is that they are affordable and conveniently located. Besides, some companies will allow you to share the storage unit with a friend or another customer. If you would want personalised storage services, you could ask the storage company to provide a portable storage container. If you need long term storage, purchase a storage shed and place it in your home or office. Self-service storage is an arrangement where the storage company picks your items, stores them at an appropriate facility and delivers them at your request. 

Size of the Unit

The type of items you intend to store will determine the size of the storage unit. For example, furniture, ATVs and pianos will occupy significant space in the storage unit. Small household items and clothes should be packed in cartons. Remember to create an inventory to ensure you have an easy time finding your items in the storage unit.  

Unit Features  

The storage unit should have the following features: 

  • CCTV and restricted access systems to help prevent theft and unauthorised access
  • Shelving to help you keep the unit organised
  • Climate-controlled units for storing fragile items such as furniture and paintings
  • Sufficient lighting to guarantee that you can visit the unit at night

Examine the policy of the storage company. For instance, what items are restricted in the storage unit? What are the terms of payment? Consider companies with flexible pricing. For example, short term storage could range from a few hours to several days. The company should give discounts for long term storage. 

Inspect the Storage Unit

Do not book the storage unit before giving it a thorough inspection. Typically, lookout for dirt, mould and pests. If the facility has climate control, check the functionality of the refrigeration system. Besides, ensure the locks and CCTV are in perfect condition.

When hiring a self-storage unit, choose a suitable unit, assess the size of the unit, its features and condition. Work with reputable companies that offer a wide range of services.