All You Need To Know About Removals Insurance

One of your primary concerns when moving your home or office is the removal insurance policy. It is a cover that provides compensation if your items get damaged during removals. Read the excerpt below to learn more about removals insurance and how to examine the terms of the insurance policy.

Taking A Removal Insurance Cover

The removalist may or may not provide a removal insurance cover. If they offer the cover, you will be required to disclose the items you intend to transport and their estimated value. Most removalists will help you prepare estimates for your items. Typically, you will need more cover if you intend to move a large number of items or if the list contains expensive furniture and electronics.  

If the removalist does not provide the cover, conduct some research to identify insurance companies that provide removals insurance. Other than the premiums, check the insurer's claims policy. Avoid companies that take too long to process customer claims. 

Terms of The Insurance Cover

Below are some tips to help you examine the terms of the insurance cover. 

Covered Items

Some companies will limit the coverage to electronics, furniture and other essential household commodities. More often than not, pets and expensive items such as antiques, jewellery and paintings are not covered by the insurance policy.

Insurance Limits

Insurance limits are the maximum amount of money you will receive once you make a claim. Typically, it is a percentage of the total claim. Preferably, work with a company with high insurance limits and low deductibles.

Types of Liability

Check the type of liability on the insurance cover. For instance, indemnity insurance will cover the actual value of the item. As such, it will take into consideration the item's depreciation and any defects that may affect its value. On the other hand, a new for old cover compensates you the current buying price of the damaged item. 

Complementing The Cover

There are instances when you may need to complement the insurance cover. It happens if the cover provided by removalist does not meet your needs. Check whether your home insurance policy covers removals. Alternatively, you could take an entirely new cover. 

You may be worried about how to transport expensive items such as paintings and antiques. Hire a security company to move these items to your new premises. Reputable companies have sufficient coverage that will ensure compensation in case of theft or an accident along the road. Besides, they have armoured vehicles and armed guards to protect your items during transport. 

For more information, reach out to a furniture removalist company in your area.