Preparing your caravan for long-term storage: What to remember

Not all caravan owners have the space or facilities to store their vehicle at home. Therefore, caravan storage lots are a popular option. Whether you need to store the vehicle for a day or for a few months, these storage lots provide security, hardstanding to protect your tyres, flexible payment options and 7-day access if you need to grab something from your caravan. When preparing to take your vehicle to storage, you should be aware of important tips that will help you keep the caravan secure and in good condition.       

Have it inspected for mechanical issues

The most common mistake that caravan owners make is to take their vehicle to storage when it still has a mechanical problem. Indeed, simple complications such as leaking oil or a faulty battery can gradually become worse as your vehicle sits in storage. Don't try to postpone mechanical work when you're planning to store your caravan. Instead, have the vehicle inspected for mechanical complications in advance and have it repaired before storing it.  

Install a security system

While most caravan storage units are fenced and monitored, you should also install a security system on your vehicle. Modern caravans can easily cost thousands of dollars, and they contain expensive features that could be vandalised. A security system will add an additional layer of safety for your vehicle as it sits in storage. Smart locks are a useful option to consider because they can send and receive signals. This means that if someone attempts to break into your vehicle, you'll receive an instant notification.     

Get insurance

Insurance coverage is also critical for your caravan. Even while in storage, your vehicle could become damaged due to inclement weather or a careless driver attempting to move an adjacent caravan. There are insurance policies that are designed to protect stored vehicles. They cost less in premiums and provide coverage for the specific risks that your caravan might face.

Remove any hazardous materials

Caravan owners tend to leave their personal belongings inside the vehicle while storing it. A better idea is to remove all valuables and only leave minimal items inside. In case your vehicle is damaged or stolen, you'll have an easier time seeking compensation for your losses. Furthermore, avoid leaving flammable items, sharps and chemicals inside your caravan. Hazardous materials can cause harm to your vehicle or to people nearby if they end up in the wrong hands.

Detach the battery

During long-term storage, your vehicle's battery might become drained. Avoid unnecessary replacement costs by detaching the battery terminals from your caravan. With no devices draining power, your battery is likely to last longer.