A Couple of Tips to Putting Your Items in Self-Storage

It is not uncommon to find homeowners coming across a significant amount of clutter when they choose to relocate. If you are moving to a smaller property, you may not be able to relocate with all these belongings, and you would have to make arrangements to get rid of them. These arrangements could be in the form of a garage sale to make some profit or donating them to charity to ease some baggage. No matter your choice, you may first have to put the items into self-storage so that you can sort through them at your pace and decide what will stay and what will go. To make the most of your storage solutions, though, you would have to know how best to pack your items inside it. The following are a couple of handy tips to putting your belongings into self-storage.

Tip 1: Ensure the belonging are stacked properly

The most popular packing solution people will invest in when putting their items in storage is cardboard boxes. However, if you do not know how to make the most of storing these boxes, you could have a catastrophe on your hands. Not only would there be a risk of your storage unit being insufficient for your needs, but you also pose the risk of damaging your belongings. The first rule to stacking your boxes would be to know which the heaviest ones are.

Once you have determined which boxes have the most weight, you should place these at the bottom to function as the base of your stacks. Secondly, stack the boxes in accordance with their weight, which ensures that the weight is gradually decreasing as the stack becomes higher. This technique will ensure that your boxes stay sturdy for the duration of their storage period.

Tip 2: Ensure that regularly used items are at the front

When putting your belongings in storage, you will probably have an idea of which items would be easier to get rid of compared to others. For instance, clothes can easily be donated, but you may have to sort through them and decide if there are some seasonal items that you want to hold on to as they would come in handy when the weather changes. In this situation, you should ensure that all clothing items are situated right at the front, allowing you easy access for whenever you get time to go through them. On the other hand, items that are used less frequently such as holiday decorations should be stored at the back of your unit.