Tips For Moving and Packing On A Budget

Moving home can be a very expensive undertaking. Here are some tips on how to cut the cost of moving, without compromising on a professional removalist to take the strain for you.

Clear out the clutter

The more stuff you have to pack, the more room it will take on the removal van. This can mean a larger, more expensive van hire or multiple trips for your removalist.

Shop around for the best deal

You can sometimes save money by shopping around and obtaining quotes from a few different removal companies in your local area.

Choose the right time of year to move

If possible, choose the cheapest time of year to move. Moving out around kids' holiday time can sometimes be cheaper because demand is lower, and the same applies to winter and early spring moves. A midweek move will be slightly cheaper and you are more likely to get the date you want too.

Pack some of your stuff yourself

Although you can ask the removalists to pack your things for you, it can work out cheaper if you pack some of your things yourself. Leave the packing of very fragile items to the professionals and take on the task of packing clothes, books, etc. yourself. Instead of using expensive bubble wrap and packing paper, use old newspapers, towels and dishcloths to wrap breakables.

You will be able to obtain packing supplies from the removal company, although these are not the only source you should consider. You can save money by using sturdy boxes that you can get for free from your local supermarket or wine merchant.

Check out the small ads in your local paper too, as you can often find used moving boxes advertised for sale or for free. If you do end up buying boxes from the removalist, they will often buy them back after your move as long as the boxes are in decent condition.

Claim back moving costs from your employer

If you are relocating because of a job move, you may be able to reclaim some of the moving costs that you incur from your new employer. Keep any receipts for packing, moving and storage as you may be able to claim something back against your tax bill too.

You can save money on a house move by following the above tips. For more information and advice about an economy move, have a chat with your local removalist.