Should You Move Overseas? Here Are 4 Considerations to Make Before You Take the Plunge

Emigrating is something that many people dream about doing. They want to escape to pastures new and experience the cultures around the world. Before you do make the big international move and book your furniture removal, you need to make these four considerations.

Will You Get Through the Visa Process?

Getting permanent residency isn't easy. Each country has its own requirements and different types of visas to suit your needs. For example, Canada offers temporary work visas, permanent residency status for people in specific trades, and family sponsorship options if you fit the bill. Not all jobs will be accepted in all countries, and some won't even be recognised. Before you take the plunge, check the visa requirements.

This includes visa requirements for your removals. Some countries won't allow temporary residents to book shipping with furniture removals, unless high custom fees are paid.

Can You Speak the Language?

Okay, so you can learn the language eventually but could you get about on day one without much help? In most cases, the permanent residency visa will only be issued if you have passed a language test to prove you can fit in with the society.

If you can't speak the language yet, it doesn't mean your goal to move overseas is over. Take the time to learn it and test yourself on it. Visit the country as a tourist and test your skills there.

Could You Fit in With the Culture?

Even if you go to another English speaking country, the culture will be completely different. You'll need to learn different terms and different laws to consider. Are you ready to make a change to work with the culture of the country you're moving to?

While taking a vacation to the country will help, you won't get a full feel of the culture. You'll need to go to some of the non-touristy areas and immerse yourself into this new country fully.

Can You Really Afford to Do This?

Removalists won't come cheap. It costs around $1,000 just for a small amount of boxes to be moved. If you want to move all your furniture, you'll be looking at thousands more. Then you'll have to consider currency conversions, the cost of living compared to your current country, and ways you'll earn money in your new life.

Don't rely on the current sale of your house. You need the money right now to emigrate, so you can arrange accommodation and buy a new car. Also, don't forget about medical costs. Will you need to pay more for health insurance than you currently do?

You can't just jump into an overseas move, even if you have citizenship in another country. It takes time to plan ahead, and you need to make sure you can afford it. Take a step back and think carefully before you start booking your plane tickets.