4 Ideas Guaranteed To Keep Your Removal Cheap

Removals are expensive, especially if you need to transfer your furniture interstate. It is no wonder then that lots of people planning to move are looking for a cheap removalist. If you're sailing in the same boat and don't want to break bank on your removal, you've come to the right place. Below, get 4 great ideas on how you can keep your removal cheap without compromising on quality service.

Hire a removalist during off-peak hours

In the transport industry, there are peak hours and off-peak hours. During the peak hours, there are lots of cars on the road and traffic jams everywhere. If you move during this time, your removalist will spend more hours on the road and will have to charge you more for transport. All this racks your bill higher. To keep your removal costs low, hire a removalist during off-peak hours. That is, during the least busy periods of the day. The removalist will spend less time on the road and therefore charge you less.

Do the packing yourself

Packing is one of the unavoidable processes in a removal. Most people tend to leave this responsibility to the removalists because they either don't want to do it themselves or because the removalist will do it better. Either way, if you leave the packing to the removalist, they will have to charge you for it. Instead, do your own packing beforehand and save money.

Help with the heavy lifting or get some friends to assist

Packing aside, part of a removal's costs emanate from the labour required to carry your furniture. The good news is that you can slash this labour cost if you get your removalist to allow you to help instead. If you have many items that need carrying, you can ask some of your friends to come and assist. When you do this, the removalist will not need to hire other people for the job and will bill you for the transport only.

Ask for a backloading service

Backloading is a discounted service in the removal industry where your goods get transported inside leftover spaces remaining at the back of other customer's consignments. Because the trip is already paid for, you get charged way less to help subsidise the original customer's costs. If your furniture can fit inside a backload, you can save a huge chunk of change and keep your removal very cheap.

All these ideas are guaranteed to save you money on your removal, especially if you can tick off on all of them. However, note that not all removalists will agree to such proposals, since some may insist on handling all the labour and others may refuse to backload. To learn more, contact local professionals in your area.