Organising a stress free office relocation

If you are in charge of organising the office relocation there are a few thing you can do to make this as stress free an experience as possible. Here are a few tips. 

Change out the stationery before hand

A week or so before the office relocation organise a hand over point for all of the old stationery including letterheads and business cards, showing the old address. You want to ensure that staff have new stationery with the new address so that you minimise the amount of mail and clients turning up for meeting at the wrong locations for everyone's stress levels to stay low. Be sure to let the staff know why you are moving, particularly if it is a good news story such as the new office has better facilities or the business is growing and help them draft a change of address communication to clients. 

Schedule for as quiet a time as possible

If your office is a 9-5 Monday to Friday operation it can be ideal to to organise the office move for a weekend, but if that is not possible you can always try a quieter time such as late on a Friday afternoon. As office relocations usually mean that people can't access their computers and emails for a while organise for critical front facing staff to have access to your network externally so that they can work from home or an external location. 

Organise external movers

While it can seem like it should be possible to move the office yourself, particularly if it's not far, you should use an professional relocation services. Even boxes of paperwork can be quite heavy, and you add serious occupational health and safety risks if you ask office staff to perform manual handling and lifting without appropriate training. Equally, professional relocation services have processes and procedures in place to help them keep a track of items in the move, so that you don't find boxes of records or important equipment have gone missing between the offices. This lets the staff the ground running, and get back to work as soon as they get to the new office. 

By planning out your office relocation you can minimise the disruption the move causes to your businesses. This helps the staff to feel less stressed by the move as well as help you as the relocation co-ordinator have a much easier time.