Removals With Toddlers: Safety Tips for Parents Planning a Move

Completing any household project when you have toddlers underfoot can be challenging, and moving can be especially hard. If you are a parent of a toddler planning a move anytime soon, check out these tips. They will help keep your little one safe during the process:

1. Do not stack moving boxes more than two high

As you are packing your items in anticipation of your move, do not make large, unwieldy piles of boxes. Curious toddlers may be tempted to climb these mounds of boxes, and they risk falling or pulling heavy boxes on top of them.

Minimise these risks by only stacking large boxes two high. To make sure these relatively short stacks of boxes stay stable, consider buying boxes from a removalist company. That ensures the boxes are sturdy and uniform rather than falling apart and featuring mismatched, hard-to-stack sizes.

2. Keep an eye on empty, unanchored furniture

If you have any flat pack furniture that is anchored to the wall, keep in mind the risk it poses when you unanchor it. Unanchored, this type of furniture frequently falls on toddlers.

Additionally, bookcases, armoires or other large pieces you have may become less stable as you empty those items and pack their contents. Reduce risks to your toddlers by waiting until just before you load the truck to unanchor these items, or as you unanchor furniture, move it all to the garage or another area your toddler cannot access.

3. Restrict toddlers to one room on moving day

Whether you are moving boxes yourself or paying removalists to do it. it isn't safe for toddlers to be underfoot on moving day. In the midst of the hecticness, your toddler could escape out the front door and run into the road. He or she could also cause you or one of the removalists to trip and fall or to unexpectedly lose balance and break something.

Ideally, send your toddler to a neighbour or friend's house for the day. If that isn't possible, use a baby gate to restrict him or her to a mostly empty room with a few toys.

4. Secure your toddler and your boxes

Once you are ready to drive to your new home, you obviously know you can't put your toddler in the back of the removalist truck. If he or she is riding in the cab of a hired removals truck, make sure you use a proper child seat and restraints

If your child is riding in your own vehicle, you may have a few boxes or other items in there. Remember, if you have to break suddenly, inertia will affect these objects. Think about where they will fly. If there is any chance they could hit your toddler or the driver of the vehicle, secure those items using ropes, bungee cords or even other, unused seat belts.

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