Tips for Using Self-Storage Units for Long-Term Space

It's not unusual for people to use a self-storage unit when they're moving, as this can help them to pack up boxes and get them out of the way before the day of their move. However, a self-storage unit can be a very good option when you need long-term space, such as for those who work from home and need to keep tools and other equipment out of the house, or for when you've downsized and don't have space for everything you own.

While a self-storage unit can be used for a variety of items, you don't want to just toss things into the unit without any thought as to how they're packed. Note a few tips for keeping your items safe and maximizing the space in such a unit.

1. Wrap valuable items with the right materials

Note that standard tissue paper can stain clothing and artwork when used for long-term storage. Acid-free paper is used by professionals when it comes to wrapping a wedding dress, portraits and the like. Storing metal items in a metal tub can mean corrosion on both. Plastic is a better choice for anything metal, and you want to ensure plastic bins are airtight so you avoid rust. No matter what you're packing and storing that is of value, do some research on the best way to wrap it. Invest in the right materials for long-term storage to protect those items.

2. Disassemble where possible

If possible, remove desk, table and chair legs before storing these. This will not only open up space in your unit, but it is also less likely that a table or chair will break if it's disassembled. If storing computers, disassembling them will also allow you to stack them and open up more space. This can also eliminate wear on the cords connecting the computer components.

3. Clean and open appliances

If you're storing any type of large appliances such as a refrigerator or oven, you want to ensure they're clean inside and then open the doors while in storage. This will ensure that mould, mildew and other contaminants don't form on the inside. Propping open the doors can also mean using the inside space for storage. You can slide plastic bins inside the refrigerator or oven and maximize the space of your unit. Be sure the bins are not too heavy for the racks and shelves inside the appliances and that the items you store inside are properly wrapped and protected if you do this.