4 Types of Equipment that Will Help You Move Furniture

You don't have to earn a living from moving furniture to benefit from having the right equipment for doing the job. Even if you only move your furniture (and house) once, you can easily injure yourself due to the weight of the objects involved. It makes sense to have the correct equipment however many times you end up moving heavy furniture around. This article looks at some essential equipment to have when relocating furniture.

Three-wheeled Dolly

A three-wheeled dolly is triangular in shape, with the wheels positioned at the points of the triangle. There is a depth to the triangle that means objects such as lamps, pictures and small tables can be positioned into the triangle for support and wheeled about. In fact, as long as you can safely fit an end or part in the dolly and support it as you wheel it, the dolly will allow you to transport many items.

The Four-wheeled Dolly

Most people can picture a four-wheeled dolly, but people who don't use them when moving furniture are missing out on a great piece of equipment. Four-wheeled dollies will support and move heavy and awkward items, such as pianos and sofas that have no wheels on them. If you are moving any heavy furniture at all, you should have this dolly with you.

Manual Furniture Movers

Although this type of equipment can be a little expensive, weighed up against the risk of an injury, it is probably money well spent. This device can be placed with either end at the sides of a sofa. A manual mechanism allows the machine to life the sofa, which can then be strapped and secured into place. The machine can then be wheeled about. The best thing besides the simplicity of use is that this can be operated and wheeled by a single person.

Stair Climbing Trolley

This is an ingenious piece of equipment if you are faced with moving up or down any stairs. If you get a good quality one, it will easily support a refrigerator or a washing machine, and allow you to traverse any stairs you need to pass. Stair climbing trolleys feature a three-wheel stair climbing design and are easy to use on your own. They can, of course, be used to move heavy goods without encountering stairs, so they make a good investment.

Work out the problem of moving heavy items from a logistical view first, for example, weight as well as the size of openings, then apply this to the physical removal to make it an easier job for you. For more tips or assistance, contact removalists like Gormans Removals.