Handy Tips For Protecting Your Items In Self Storage

24 hour self storage units can be an absolute lifesaver whether you are looking to de-clutter your home or perhaps are moving house and need an inexpensive option to store away extra items. However, if you would like your belongings to stay in good condition, it is not simply about renting out the space and shoving your items there. Here are some handy tips to keeping your items in 24 hour self storage that will ensure they remain in great condition.

Storing furniture

For most people, it is common knowledge to wrap furniture before putting it in 24 hour self storage. This prevents accumulation of dust on the furniture and also protects it from nicks and scratches when being transferred into the storage space. However, this is not all you can do to ensure furniture stays in tiptop condition for either resale or reuse.

To start, wipe down all the surfaces with a solution of gentle detergent and water. This will get rid of any dirt that may otherwise get wrapped in together with the furniture. Secondly, consider applying a coat of varnish to the cleaned wooden items. This should be done a day before to give the varnish sufficient time to dry before the furniture is wrapped ready for storage. Lastly, any items that can be disassembled should be taken apart. This will help you save a lot of storage space.

Use masking tape

A common complaint for most people who have to move their things into 24 hour self storage is breakage. Although you could insure your items, this is an expensive way of ensuring they stay in one piece. A simple hack for this would be using masking tape. Reinforce all glass surfaces, including mirrors, tabletops and more, with masking tape. All you need to do is mark an X on each surface that you would want protected. The masking tape will strengthen the glass surface. For additional protection, place some corrugated cardboard underneath these glass surfaces, then finish off by wrapping them in bubble wrap.

Invest in pallets

Although your items may not be at risk of water damage through floods, it does not hurt to take extra protection. Pallets are a great way to ensure your items are raised above the floor and they are also an inexpensive option. Some pallets may even afford you extra storage space to place smaller items such as books or magazines that can fit within their spaces.

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