4 Tips Office Managers Need for Using Furniture Removalists

There are times when offices need to expand and move to new locations. Arranging the move generally falls on you if you are the office manager. This means not only arranging the scheduling for the move, but it also means dealing with the furniture removalists. If you are new to this type of move, here are four tips that can make your life as the office manager easier.

Remove Personal Items

If your office allows employees to have personal items at their workspace, make sure these items are removed prior to the move. Though the removalists will likely move the items if they are left behind, ideally this should fall on the employee. Make sure employees understand that any items left may become lost and they will not be reimbursed by the company or become the liability of the removalists.

Employee Inventory

One part of the move that can be stressful for a manager is filling out the inventory for the removalists. You can break down the inventory and make the task easier by assigning employees to help. Some managers may choose to pick certain employees for extra hours that are devoted to inventory while others may have all employees take part by completing an inventory for their workspace and turning it in. Either way, having the employees help will cut down on your stress and help make the move easier.

Clean the Furniture

Cleaning the furniture before the move is a step that can make things easier after the removalists have come and gone. When the removalists move the furniture to the new location, you can rest easy knowing it is move in ready and clean. You won't have to worry about cleaning it or transporting any dirt or debris to the new location.

Remove Unwanted Items

When the furniture removalists arrive, they will be moving whatever is there to the new location. This can become costly if you have several pieces of furniture, or even rooms of furniture, that you won't need at the new location.

Take a few hours to go through the furniture and ensure you remove any unwanted items by either donating them, selling them, or offering them to employees. This will ensure you are only moving and paying for items that you actually need and will be used.

If you use these tips to prepare for the furniture removalists and the move, you can make the move easier on yourself as an office manager and on the employees as a whole.  If you are ready to make the move, contact furniture removalists such as Man Made Movers in your area. They will be happy to provide a price estimate and schedule the move.